chapter 1,

Sometimes it's important to simply begin somewhere, and embark upon a journey that seems worth taking. In this chapter, we meet interesting individuals and travel to breathtaking destinations realizing that stories are everywhere as long as we are willing to see them.

chapter 2,

Passion fuels the stories featured in this chapter. We learned about individuals from all across the globe who are pushing themselves beyond a comfort zone and sharing their tremendous gifts, whether artistic or entrepreneurial, with others. We even stopped in Marrakech to visit the Jardin Majorelle in full bloom, an extraordinary garden built upon passion and hard work. These stories are a true testament to the reality that nothing comes easy. There is no magic formula to success, but passion is a key ingredient to producing work that is meaningful for oneself, and hopefully, others, because, without passion, what's the point?

chapter 3,

From Bombay to Brooklyn, we explored spaces, big and small, in the way we live, travel, work and create. A few gypsetters we know shared what 'home' means to them. We also thought about the rituals, which can be as simple as enjoying a cup of chai, to make our space sacred. And how these traditions are often steeped in a storied past. We interviewed creatives who reminded us that in order to truly feel alive, we need to awaken our senses with inspiring photos, objects, music, smells, and tastes. As you read this chapter, consider how the spaces that you occupy—public and private—impact your day-to-day life.

chapter 4,

In this chapter, we bring you the stories of successful global citizens who have consistently defined and redefined their sense of style by blending strong cultural influences with contemporary styles and methods. In an ever-changing world, these creatives prove that culture and uniqueness can be carried with élan. We also delved deep into the past of ancient craftsmanship that still influences the work being done in modern fashion. We hope these stories inspire you to keep strengthening your own identity with style.

chapter 5,

During February, a month typically attributed to love, we decided to avoid the familiar clichés and crowd-sourced content from our community of writers, photographers and artists to explore the theme of longing. As you read this chapter, you will see longing in its many manifestations: pleasure-seekers set upon individual journeys of the soul to seek something greater — something well beyond their own selves.

chapter 6,

Mother Earth is the muse for this chapter as we take time to see the beauty in the people and places around the world, taste seasonal fruits, and carry the sound of music in our hearts, all the while marveling at the wonder of this blue planet which we call home.

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